R-U-Mylitter and Bolobabies want to offer all your dog lovers an amazing opportunity to purchase these wonderful puppies. One of a kind and unique to Canada, as there are less than a handful of breeders.

Here are the details on the Bolognese litter 

Born June 4, 2013.

Sire: Aspen Villa’s Tempo   Dam: Bolobabies’ Enrica.

This entire group of pups have lots of champagne – nice pigmentation.

1.  J Bella (with the pink tie) is the largest and is adorable, of course. She is reserved already.

2.  Jo-Jo (red tie) is the smallest pup.  He started sitting and even standing to nurse fairly early. Jojo loves his puppy food while his littermates were nursing! Poor guy.Now he eats ’till his stomach is pretty big and he’s lots more content, of course. Jo-Jo will be going to Toronto.

3.  Julio (blue tie) is available. Very quiet, this pup loves baths never putting up any kind of fuss. The breeder even held him on his back and let water run over his belly and he just laid in her hand, no complaining. What a joy. That is a laid back puppy!

4. Jax (green tie) is available as well. He ‘s squirms a lot but eventually simmers down. Very cute and playful.

5. Juno (purple tie) is a little laid back and is also available for sale.

The breeder expects these pups to be 8-10 lbs fully grown. Both parents weigh between 9 and 10 lbs.

Now the Bolonka litter:

Born April 6, 2013       Sire: Bolobabies’ Fryr          Dam: My Darling Dogs’ KoKo

There were three puppies, two males and one female. Ivan is for sale, the other two are taken. The large black male (they are all black) is Ivan and at three months weighs 4.4 lbs. He’s really funny, and has an spunky character. Isidor is much smaller than his brother. He’s too cute. Izzy weighs 2.7 lbs at three months. Their sister Irina is almost exactly the same size as Izzy. She lives in New Brunswick now.

Interested, please contact: Bolobabies, located in Ottawa, phone 613–832-4250 email: laurine@bolobabies.com

We will post more pictures on our FB page. FB/rumylitter

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